Thanks for taking a look.

Disclaimer #1: The snail is just a goofy little cartoon I drew to start off the page.   It's not a company logo, a personal mascot, a self-portrait, or a comic representation of my pace of workThere just aren't too many other critters a toilet plunger will stick to.

Disclaimer #2:  I've recently discovered I stink at web design.  And photography.   And ironing.

Athough the label says "carpentry," you'll find a whole section below full of cartoons.  They're in here because (1) I built them, and (2) the prospect of creating another  web site would have sent me off the roof.   I don't advertise them much because (A) I generally don't know what to do with them, and (4) sometimes too much diversity can be a little weird.  So, in an effort to avoid the stigma of, say, "Uncle John's Wholesale Meats, Optometry, and Pole Vaulting Supplies," the label says "carpentry."

The images on the following pages are all the result of a single question: "Hey, can you build a ...?"  Fortunately the answer is usually "yes." 
... cabinet to fit in that corner?
... tree fort?
... secret room behind a bookcase?
... pad on the chimney to hold my gargoyle?
... Tilt-A-Whirl?
(My nephew asked.  He was five.  I said "no."  He got over it, I think.)

While it's more fun to keep the attitude a little lighthearted, the work itself is anything but accidental.  Building is serious stuff.  Working in someone's home is an enormous responsibility, and power tools do not have a sense of humor.  I may slip something a little nutty in the "Work Performed" section of an invoice, but the construction process and end result are no joke.

I've been very fortunate to stay busy for the past fifteen years simply by word-of-mouth referrals.  Apparently I know some people with pretty big mouths.  I've also been very fortunate to have worked with people who have given me the licence to do some fun and unique projects.  And even though many of these people have hosted grand parties solely for the purpose of showing off my work (or so they tell me), no one gets to see everything.  This website is my opportunity to share.

Please note that the bulk of the "Hammer Stuff" has required the invaluable input, assistance, and efforts of Jeff Turner and Kaz Castner.  Unfortunately they both wished to remain anonymous, so please don't tell them they're in here.