Basements can incorporate a little bit of everything: bathrooms, built-in cabinetry and furniture, bars, gyms, kitchens, hidden doors, and sometimes even a slide.

We can start with the very basic...



...and then go up.  This basement had a gym, a kitchenette, a corner seat, and an entertainment center, all custom built from oak and mahogany.




In this basement, the TV area was eventually furnished to function more as a movie theatre than a living room. Another large area became an exercise/ping-pong room (unfortunately, I took these shots before any of it was furnished).  It also has a bathroom with a shower (no photos of that either), (what was I thinking?) a wet bar, a dry bar, three closets to hide the furnace and mechanical stuff, a coat closet, and a 4-foot by 16-foot storage closet.




This basement has, well, you'll see.  I designed and built all of the cabinetry except for the bathroom vanity.








This basement has a secret room and a slide.