Our group started by working on office and retail spaces in Saratoga Springs.  In addition to the buildings shown below, we've worked on the Roohan Realty Office, the Blackmer Building, several spaces in the Community Theatre Building, the Sutton & Tarantino Office on Division street, and many others.

This insurance office in Geyser Crest was once a small ranch house with an attached garage.





The outside of this medical office was done before we arrived, so I only have pix of the inside.  Although the space was designed by an architect, I did get to design the "bathtub" in the lobby ceiling and the front desk.


I was very excited when the owners of "Esperanto" asked me to help with the design of their new restaurant space.  Their only parameters: the work had to be funky and indestructable.  If you find yourself on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs, check it out.  The tables fit together like puzzles pieces so you can bring all your friends.