FURNITURE and stuff...

This section encompasses many things that overlap into other sections.  I'll try to give you a map as we go.

I designed this entertainment center to be long and shallow so as not to take up too much of the living room.  Many of these units also double as heating ducts.


This entertainment center fits into an alcove next to the fireplace.  I had to make all of the trim to match the existing stuff.



To see the rest of the cabinets we made to match this oak and mahogany entertainment center, as well as the painted ones below it, check out the "Basements" page.


You can see more of this double-bookcase and window seat unit on the "Rooms" page.


We extended this bedroom into an odd-shaped unfinished space.  Subsequently, I designed some odd-shaped cabinets.  The big built-in dresser  has over 100 cubic feet of storage.



I designed a similar wardrobe to fit in a bedroom alcove.  The pictures are a little confusing because I put mirrors and lights on the inside of the doors.  The last coat of paint was still wet, which is why the first photo looks blotchy.



This oak cabinet is a laundry chute.


This dog gate worked well until our dog figured out how to jump over it.

Whenever  I end up with some extra plywood, we end up with some extra storage.  And chickens.


I made this little stool with wedged, through-tenon joinery, whatever that means.


This was supposed to be a picnic table built from the branches we pruned from the Norway spruce tree in the front yard.  Now I don't want to leave it outside.


In theory, I designed this puzzle table for Debbie's birthday.  Actually it was to keep the puzzles off the dining room table.


The top for my computer desk and bookshelf are from leftover pieces of random hardwoods.  The doors and panels are mahogany.  I made the desk to incline and light up.  The small floor cabinet is on wheels to use as an art stand.




This desk is part of an office we built for Saratoga Vitreo-Retinal Ophthalmology.  No, I can't say it either.


This bedroom dresser/entertainment center thingy is also in the "Rooms" page.


This bookcase from Brazilian Cherry was a lot of fun to design and build.  Installing it in a small home office on the second floor was no fun at all.
 The sides have a complementary curve recessed up the center, but it's difficult to see in these photos.



I got a little carried away with the inlays on this mahogany and pine sideboard.  And I may have gone a bit too far on the door around the corner.  I built the cabinet in the last frame because our sofa was longer than the wall.



If the scrap wood is too small for a cabinet, we can always use another wastebasket.


We lose power frequenly on our street, so I make sure we can always find the candles.


I thought if I made a twelve-foot-long dresser, we might be able to keep clothes off the bedroom floor.  It didn't work.


Debbie found the perfect spot for a big wall mirror.  When she threatened to buy one, I made this from some old studs I had removed from the walls.