I've created the following images for all sorts of reasons: greeting cards, commercials, advertisements, playbill covers, T-shirt designs, company logos, and childrens' books.  And then there were some in my head who just wanted to get out.







Okay, so the two happy dancing guys are wart hogs, the thing on the snowboard is a gnu (or wildebeest), and the thing stuck in a tree is a type of lemur called a bush baby.  And yes, their eyes really look like that.  The ant and turtle are from the "I'm A..." series of poems by Alfred Groh, which evolved into a teaching program distributed to schools by Karol Media. The Prospect Child and Family Center is a school for handicapped kids in Queensbury, NY.    

Hopefully, I'll soon have a line of greeting cards for you to send to all your friends.  If you would like a custom design for a special occasion, just let me know.