This tiny galley kitchen posed some problems: Kathy wanted a big oven, raised countertops, and a fireplace.  The new oven and cooktop ate up all the space for her silverware drawer, so I built a drawer with some silverware "cans."



This kitchen island is accessible from both sides.  One side has a cabinet, drawers, shelves for bread baskets and stuff, and a special tall thin drawer for cooking oils.  The other side has slide-by doors and shelving to hold canned goods.


Here we removed a wall to join the new kitchen to the dining room.  I designed the raised cabinet behind the stove to act as a visual break between the two spaces and to hide the countertop from the diners' view.



Some friends asked if I could combine a servant's prep kitchen, main kitchen, and adjoining room into one big culinary space.  I must note here that my friends are the King and Queen of Re-Use.  So while knocking the walls out was not particularly difficult, tiling the floor with eighteen small lots of mismatched tile was insane.  I built the wine rack cabinet, the broom closet, and a couple of others, but we re-fitted the rest.  The island top and vent/fan housing are from salvaged mahogany, birdseye maple, and copper ceiling tiles.  The thing in the last picture is the broom closet.  






Then there's the really big kitchen.