This four season sunroom was once an open deck.



This is a master bedroom and master bathroom addition.  I built the dresser/entertainment center to match the existing bedroom set.  



Although we didn't change the shape of this living room, we added a window, replaced the popcorn ceiling with coffers, and built the bookcase/window seat gizmo.  The window seat opens and has sliding removable storage trays.



The ceiling in this den was sagging.  The coffers actually lift and support it.  The custom cabinetry in the mud room offers some extra storage. 




This unique sliding door hides  a walk-in closet.


Kaz peeled two or three layers of old wallpaper from the plaster walls in this dining room, added some chair rail and wall trim, and re-painted.  I think she's still cussing about the wallpaper...

Several years ago, Debbie and I bought an old farmhouse.  If I live to be 148, it'll be a nice place.  Still, what once looked like this...


...then looked like this...

              looks like this.



We have a couple of these weird little landings between rooms, which allowed me to do some weird floor inlays.


For more hardwood flooring inlays, take a look at the "Structures" page.